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More About Ace Amethyst Therapy

Christina Midgley (Formerly Sutton)

A qualified fully insured hypnotherapist, I am passionate about helping people with depression, anxiety, confidence and weight issues that come with emotional triggers.

Helping you the client move on in life to be the best version of yourself. 

You will see from my Google reviews how I have helped clients achieve this. 

My additional training with depression and anxiety and confidence issues has given me the passion to help people in this area, after suffering myself with depression and anxiety I know how debilitating it is, i personally turned to hypnotherapy and my spiritual journey helped me become who i am today. My purpose is helping others with the ways to cope and changing the Narrative in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a extremely successful therapy to combat these issues. I wear or use amethyst beside me as amethyst properties help with depression and anxiety symptoms, my favourite crystal and also my birth stone. I welcome you and thank you for visiting my website, i cannot wait to help you on your journey to healing.


A Graduate of Chrysalis Courses

I have a level three diploma in Hypnotherapy and counselling skills, A graduate of Chrysalis courses and a member of the National hypnotherapy Society (Find my page here).

Christin Sutton, Hypntherapy, leeds

Several CPD Certificates

I am always looking at furthering my development and have successfully completed several  CPDs on various issues. Including: Smoking

Anxiety & Panic


Let me help you achieve your goals to a healthier life.

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